A semi-personal training program includes an exercise and nutrition program designed to meet the needs of the group so they can get sustainable results. Each group will have a maximum of two people per sessions. The workouts are tailored to the groups goal with flexibility to the individual. With app access, clients also have the option to perform their workouts on their own at home and the gym.

Plan Includes

  • In-Person Personal Training

  • 60 minute workouts

  • 2 sessions a week or 8 sessions in total

  • At home or gym full body workouts

  • Full videos and explanations

  • Full sets, reps, and rest times

  • Group Checkins

  • Basic nutrition education

  • Bi-weekly nutritional tasks

  • Customized macronutrients and calorie goals

  • Full 24/7 support through chat - Turn notifications on!

How it works

  • The team will be assigned an exercise program through the app. Upon request, individual modifications will be made based on the fitness level to ensure safety and prevent injuries.
  • The team will complete biweekly tasks on nutrition and mindset throughout the program.
  • The team will participate in bi-weekly group check-ins and communication to foster support, accountability, and GET RESULTS
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