This monthly membership is exclusive to 2 clients and includes weekly check-ins, adjustable food, training plans, and 24/7 online chat support. Each plan is fully customized to your lifestyle, resources, and preferences! If you cannot find a partner their slot remains open for someone else.

Plan Includes

  • In-Person 60-Minute Workouts

  • 2 Sessions a week

  • At home or gym full body workouts

  • Full videos and explanations

  • Full sets, reps, and rest times

  • A customized nutrition guide

  • Mindset and mental health practices

  • Group Checkins

  • Full 24/7 support through chat - Turn notifications on!

How it works

  • The card on file will be billed monthly from the day of purchased
  • Make sure to download the app and turn your notifications on!
  • Check your email for my welcome letter and answer the questions *Check Spam
  • Once profile is approved, the workout will be available to you on the App’s Home Screen.
  • Follow the workout plan designed for 4 days out of the week (3 days rest)
  • Dont' forget to log in your nutrition!
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