This monthly membership is exclusive to 2-3 clients per session and includes video chat check-ins, adjustable food, training plans, and 24/7 online chat support. The exercise plan will consider the team's lifestyle, resources, and preferences!

Plan Includes

  • Options: In-Person or Online Training

  • 30 to 60 minute workouts

  • 2-3 Sessions a week

  • At home or gym full body workouts

  • Full videos and explanations

  • Full sets, reps, and rest times

  • Group Checkins

  • Full 24/7 support through chat - Turn notifications on!

How it works

  • The team will be assigned an exercise program through the app. Upon request, individual modifications will be made based on the fitness level to ensure safety and prevent injuries.
  • The team will complete biweekly tasks on mindset and nutrition throughout the program.
  • The entire team must check ins and participate in bi-weekly group message communication to uphold accountability and GET RESULTS
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